What is a water footprint? What data and methods are available in SimaPro? How can you conduct a water footprint in SimaPro? 

Demand for water—part of nearly every production process—is growing fast, and providing enough water is becoming increasingly challenging. As we experience more droughts, extreme storms and rising temperatures, there is an increasing concern over water availability and quality. During this session, participants will learn the terminology used in water footprinting, as well as the basic underlying principles. The global initiatives will be discussed, along with the pertinent guidelines and standards.

Participants will learn about water life cycle inventory data and the water footprint impact assessment methods, available in SimaPro.

In addition, participants will have a hands on experience conducting a water footprint in SimaPro, helping to cement the terminologies, approach and methodology.

Cost: $625 per person
Medium: online
Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of LCA and modeling in SimaPro are helpful, but not required.


The class will meet online at www.gotomeeting.com. You will be provided with an invitation and password a few days before the class.

The best set up for taking the class is to have one computer/monitor to view the slides and one computer/monitor set up with SimaPro to follow along and gain hands on experience. If you would like to take the class but do not have access to the software, we will provide you with a temporary license.

Before the class you will receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCA’s.

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