Parameters are a powerful feature in SimaPro which can be used to greatly simplify scenario calculations and sensitivity analysis. This course gives students hands-on experience developing and using parameters in the SimaPro LCA software.
Parameterization of conversion factors, assumptions, and changing or uncertain data allows rapid model building and scenario analysis in SimaPro. By building your SimaPro model using parameters, performing sensitivity checks becomes quick and easy—you can quickly determine how sensitive your results are to modeling choices and assumptions. With parameters you can include non-linear factors such as efficiency of scale and even link to external sources when data are being used for multiple analyses.

Take this in-depth course to learn how to best use parameters in your LCA study. Intended for advanced SimaPro users, this course will start with a basic review of how parameters function in SimaPro. We will cover linear modeling and then move on to non-linear modeling, linking to Excel data, and SQL queries. Your instructor will be an experienced LCA/SimaPro professional.


  • General overview of the use of parameters, why they are helpful for sensitivity studies, time studies, frequently changing data, etc.
  • Process parameters
  • Project parameters
  • Database parameters
  • Calculated parameters
  • Linking to Excel data and SQL queries
*This is NOT a course in building SQL queries—trainees who wish to use this feature will be expected to already know how to build an SQL query.
Cost: $625 per person
Medium: Online
Duration: Between 2 – 3 hours (depending upon the practitioner level)
Prerequisites: Applied LCA in SimaPro OR Introduction to LCA and SimaPro (On-site 2 Day)

It is helpful if you have an active or prospective LCA project that you are working on.


The class will meet online at You will be provided with an invitation and password a couple days before the class.

The best set up for taking the class is to have one computer to view the slides and one computer set up with SimaPro to follow along and gain hands on experience. If you would like to take the class but do not have access to the software, we will provide you with a temporary license.

Before the class you will receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCA’s.

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